Byki Installation Progress


Still trying to get the Haitian Creole version of Byki up and running with Wine (Wine Is Not an  Emulator. They describe themselves as a “compatibility layer”). I installed Wine yesterday and it’s supposed to work with Byki sometimes but I don’t think the specific version of Fedora installed on the XOs has been tested. So far I’ve gotten really promising “Byki is loading” logos to flash on the screen but nothing beyond that so far.

There was a confusing message about .b4u files associated with other programs and whether they should be associated with Byki. I clicked yes (default) just to see what would happen, figuring if something went terribly wrong I can do a clean-install: there’s no data I’d mind losing on these machines yet.

Anyway, nothing happened. So now I guess I move on to trying different versions of Wine and recommended workarounds. Also, right now I’m trying to use Byki from a USB drive, which might be another problem.

Maybe this is actually impossible to do with XOs, for whatever reason. But I’d like to know for sure before I give up on this software – it’s got a lot of limitations, but it could definitely be useful for my students in Ansapit, Haiti, and maybe for other OLPC volunteers elsewhere. 

Anyway, stay tuned for some updates on how that ends up going…Image


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