Hey it worked

Finally sat down today to take the helpful advice of Kevin Mark, who pointed me towards some useful code created by someone who hacked reverse-engineered the Byki flashcard files for language learning. Yet another example of the incredible community behind the One Laptop Per Child Project – I never would’ve thought something like this existed, so without Kevin’s help I’d still be trying (and probably failing) to make WINE work.

Installation was relatively easy for someone with absolutely no experience with command terminals (the screen where you just type in lines to make the computer do something instead of the pretty pictures we’re all used to). Once again, support community came through, this time to answer some pretty stupid questions of mine about how exactly to type stuff in.

Anyway, it’s great to have the files here to play around with. Kreyól content like this can be hard to find – I experienced that firsthand when I was trying to learn the language in the first-place. Byki’s not perfect, but it taught me a lot. Hoping we can reshape it to teach Haitian students a lot.

To Byki, if they ever end up finding out about this: I’ll totally stop doing this if it’s illegal, but you posted on the page with the code “We are here happy that we’re considered good enough to hack” so I’m thinking you won’t mind. Especially since your software is free, and you have shown an interest in helping Haiti in the past. Anyway, thanks!


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