Storage space is sweet

Bought some USBs today, finally dipping in to the Project Rive fund (a pool that isn’t very deep at the moment, but hopefully that will change soon with our upcoming fundraisers).  Adam Holt directed me to this site, where you can get a 4GB one for just $3.

The XO-1s have just 1 GB of memory, so these babies will be important for storing any large files I want to work with. Also, they’re apparently great incentives as an end-of-the-day bonus for the best project or whatever – basically, instead of giving kids candy, I’ll be giving them storage space, which is something I really like the sound of.

Speaking of other things I like the sound of (since this post is a little on the short side), I learned my new favorite word in Haitian Creole today. It’s samba, and it apparently means “musician or poet” and comes from the indigenous Taino language. There’s probably undertones in there that I’m completely missing, but for the moment I like the sound of it and hopefully knowing another word to use will help me track down poems and poets the kids can work with.


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