Geeky is Good

Haitian teacher learning to play piano wiHere in America people make fun of you if you’re a “geek,” but specialized knowledge can come in handy. Sometimes I look back at my five years in band as sort of a waste of time, since it turns out I’m more passionate about writing, teaching, and running than I ever could be about playing the trumpet. I’m such a geek. But all those years of practice actually ended up coming in handy. Junior Monrose, our host here and a local teacher, showed off his XO keyboard virtuoso skills, which prompted me to show him an XO activity called Keyboard that simulates a piano, which made us all start playing around with different songs we knew, which led to an introduction into sheet music and…

Well, anyway, the point here is that even though everything’s Google-able nowadays, it’s still useful to know the ins and outs of something, if only because you immediately know what the next step is going to be.


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