Project Rive has arrived

Sunday morning I said good-bye to Junior, hopped on a truck, and entered into the second stage of my stay here, arriving in Ansapit that evening. It was a pretty exhausting trip, lasting twelve hours (well, it would have been less if we hadn’t taken the wrong bus at first, but still), and it wasn’t the most comfortable: we spent most of it bouncing around on the top of a truck that was balancing on some curvy mountain roads.

Our driver was tired so he stopped in a nearby village and gave us some money to pay a motorcycle to take us the rest of the way (if only American airlines were as kind about changes in flight schedules…). On the way to our place we started passing through what looked like a desert, with cacti, lizards, and lots of rock. Turns out I didn’t do my homework: almost all of Haiti is tropical, except Ansapit: it used to be lush like everywhere else, but not anymore.

Charging laptops on the roof of the water tank – you can see the desert landscape in the background:


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