Yet Another New Opportunity

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve partnered up with Ayiti Moun Yo, an all-boys orphanage down the road. We’re working with twenty of their boys (one group of 10 one day, a different group the next) and also coordinating with teachers once school starts to link what they’re doing in their classroom to what we’re doing in ours.

What’s really going to help us is the social network established by all our students and some of our teachers coming from the same place. It makes it easier for everyone to share and encourage the others. Having the structure of the orphanage doesn’t hurt either in terms of ensuring the right kids show up to class each time.

It’s also good to have some outside people confirming whatever results we believe we’re getting. At some point you’re going to be seeing some posts from their teachers up here, talking about the progress they’re seeing in the kids who are participating in our program. Just another way to guarantee that we really are facilitating real learning.

At some point I do want to have classes that are open to any kid from Ansapit who wants to participate (especially if they’re a girl), but right now we need a strong core class and a lot of support, both of which are to be found at Ayiti Moun Yo.


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