Project Rive Officially Arrives

Well, my work here is done.

And by here, I mean there, because I’m writing this from the Atlanta airport. Already there’s that physical and mental distance between me and Ansapit. I’m still attached to the project of course, and there’ll be fundraising to do, updates to post, and contact to maintain later on. But for now, the keys are copied, the files are saved, the contracts are signed, the door is paid for, and the schedule is set.

Now everything is in the hands of the teachers. They’re the ones who have four classes to plan and teach every week, plus solar panels to set out every morning and equipment to keep running. They’re the ones who will build relationships with the kids and develop strategies for making use of the skills they’ve learned over this past month and will have to continue learning.

It’s not an easy job, but I know they’re up to it. Over the course of this past month they’ve had to both practice and perform, on good days and on bad. It’s been a pleasure to see the progress that they’ve made so far and to look forward to a promising future.
Basically, I’m just so grateful to have found the right people. As I’m always saying when I present the XOs, computers by themselves have no real intelligence. It’s the people behind the machines that count. People like my church and local Kiwanis Club, who believed in what I was doing before I really knew what I was doing. People like Adam Holt, the “community organizer” who responded to my initial request two minutes after I sent it. People like Kevin Mark, who met me in the airport at 3 in the morning to show me some tricks with the XOs. People like Junior Monrose, in charge of welcoming both volunteers and new projects to Haiti. People like James Murdza, who kept us both laughing and on our toes, and mailed off my math homework. And finally my teachers, who will transform the technology and training I’ve provided into an experience.

This project has brought so many people and pieces together (certainly more than just the examples listed above). That knowledge alone gives me a lot of peace. For one thing, I can probably find someone else to blame if something goes wrong. But also, there’s so much passion and so many different perspectives behind every step here, and it keeps me very hopeful.

So. Teachers unleashed. Project Rive has arrived, and it’s officially up to the very capable local staff to keep it running, with a lot of help from our friends, of course.


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