Introducing Our Teachers

I’m very grateful to be working with Jameson, Jean Albert, and Yonice. They are the best available for the job and will continue to give Project Rive all of their time, energy, and talent to ensure that it keeps going and continues to grow. They’re the ones really responsible for Project Rive’s results – I just set things up, step out of the way, and watch the magic happen.


Jameson is our head teacher. He is truly a gifted educator – I often have to bite my lip to keep from smiling too widely whenever I overhear him explaining a concept to the kids, because he always seems to find exactly the right words or approach.


Jean Albert is our supporting teacher and technician. Before he was asked or hired he took on the task of setting out the solar panels and computers every day, just to make things easier for all the rest of us. His dedication also serves him well in the classroom, where he sits with the kids who are struggling and helps them find the tools.


Yonice is our music instructor. He brings both his skill as a professional musician with his very own music group and his passion for working with kids to every class.


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