Partners in Preparing the Future

I just got back from the One Laptop Per Child summit in San Francisco, where I met with  Ann Prepare Lavni, who are also working to improve opportunities for education in Ansapit. Their name translates to “Let’s Prepare the Future,” and their focus is on multilingual education. The founder, Carolina Tavárez, started the project with a grant from her university and has traveled to Ansapit three times to teach English and Spanish classes.

Our partnership shows a lot of promise, because there are many parallels between their efforts and ours. After all, I first became interested in ed-tech because I was looking for a way to make learning English easier. The group is currently raising the money for a library – they’ve received the land from the Haitian government and drawn the plans up, and are hoping to start construction this June. Once it’s built, it will serve as Project Rive’s home, and our school server will dramatically expand the library’s offerings by providing visitors with access to a digital library of 40,000 books. In the meantime, we’ll go on learning for each other, and it’s great to have another friend down in Ansapit.



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