Announcing Power Project Rive

Project Rive is raising money upgrade our solar system! Please click on the picture below to donate and give twice as many kids the chance to use our computers. 


It’s time for Project Rive to get bigger and better, and that means finding a new way to power our grand plans.

In the beginning, our solar system made sense because setting it up is so easy – each solar panel connects directly to each laptop. The price of that convenience is that charging takes longer with such small panels. In order to get the computers ready for class, the teachers have to start charging them as soon as the sun comes up. Without a way to store power, cloudy skies can cancel classes.

It takes 6 hours to charge the XOs with our current system. That's under the best conditions.

It takes at least 6 hours to charge the XOs with our current system.

Our current system has served us well, but now it’s time for a more permanent solution: a single panel mounted on a roof and connected to a battery. With that new set-up, satisfying the laptops’ appetite for electricity won’t be such a struggle, so we’ll be able to use them for more time every day. Jean Albert and James will be able to teach a second class to another group of students. Others can use the computers outside of class for independent research and projects. We’ve got big plans – but none of them are possible without power.

When I first selected Ansapit as our site, I knew working there wouldn’t be easy. It’s rural, difficult to reach, and there’s no electrical infrastructure. But I also know it’s in places like Ansapit where the XO laptops can make the biggest difference. “We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” I don’t want any more classes and opportunities to be cut short because of laptops dying. Thank you for donating what you can to help power Project Rive.


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