Day 1: Getting There

I joked with Caroline the other day that mosquitoes haven’t had the chance to bite us because we’ve been too busy moving. The first part of our journey: arriving in Haiti:

After a bus ride and a night in the airport, Caroline and I finally touched down in Port-au-Prince. Easiest time I’ve ever had making it through baggage claim – we spotted our two suitcases moving down the conveyor belt the second we got there. Of course, lugging 25 computers out the door was still hard.

After you walk out the airport doors, you’ll get lots of people asking you “Taksi”? After wandering around for a bit looking for another source of transportation, we finally accepted one driver’s offer to take us for $5. Everyone else was charging $15 or $20 (the “normal” price is $10, but these guys were inflating it), so I guess it was a good deal.

After dropping off all the computers, we got a ride from Jean Baptiste, the school director, to the bus stop. He was nice enough to wait with us until we found the right one, so we were safe and dry in the truck instead of having to stand out in the rain (it’s rainy season. That means it’s humid all day and you get sudden storms every day or every few days. Kinda like Florida).


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