Delmas 28 Launch

We just got done launching our second project with Ken Bever and Hope for Haiti’s Children at the College Chrétien de Delmas. This school has 580 students, from pre-K all the way up to the last year of high school, and nursing students also use the space to meet. Now, it’s also home to 25 XO laptops and our Internet-in-a-Box system.

Jeanide, Fefe, and I ran training together, and now Fefe’s going to be responsible for keeping the program going. Fefe already has three months of experience giving the XO course in Cazeau, so I know everything’s going to be in good hands. Jean Tirard, director of the school and church, is really excited about this new opportunity, and I am, too.

Laptop "seminar" participants

Laptop “seminar” participants

Jeanide goes over the parts of the computer.

Jeanide goes over the parts of the computer.

The fact that the school includes a wider range of ages means it’s easy to find apprentices – teenagers between 14 and 17 years old who really have a passion for technology. Around the world, the best programs are the ones that give these young enthusiasts the chance to mess around and inspire others. Resources like Internet-in-a-Box can also be useful for professionals like these nursing students who want to do research. Overall, I think the laptops are going to be used really heavily here, in a wide variety of ways, and I’m looking forward on hearing about the results.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Hope for Haiti’s Children. They support local directors like Jean Tirard with the resources they need, but also give them the freedom they need to get things done. I know from experience it’s a tough balancing act, and I’m always impressed when organizations manage to get it right.


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