Mangos So Far

This list is supposed to compliment the mistakes list by documenting all the times I’ve gotten free mangos (or the equivalent).

1. Last-minute tech support
Normally, I rely on Unleash Kids volunteers to prepare the servers for me, and I just bring them down. This time, I decided to try doing it myself, but I ended up being really lost. For one thing, I didn’t have the right tools at hand. I had to bike to the store just to get a screwdriver. Then, I learned that you can’t just plug the NUC into your computer – you’ve got to track down a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I managed to find all those things, but they were in different places, so there was a lot of lugging and trekking back and forth. Luckily for me, our technical team had just developed an easier way of installing the software. They walked me through the steps, and although things looked grim and impossible for a while, eventually everything worked out (insert sigh of relief here).

2. Printing help
The professor who’s registered as the principal investigator on this project, Deborah Ramer, helped print out all the teacher surveys and consent forms. Kim Van Deusen, our advisor for the scholar’s program, let us use the printer to do the bulk of the pre-test pages, and I also did some at the Writing Center in the library. Plus, Jennifer Shotwell, a Randolph-Macon professor, did the rest of them, and she’s also going to be taking them down.

3. Nice library people
I still had two servers left to install, but I wasn’t able to take all my equipment off-campus, so I had to figure something out. I went to the library and asked to borrow a projector. Normally, the loan time is a few days, but I asked if they could make an exception since I was traveling out of the country. I explained that I would leave the projector in DC and my friend would bring it down ten days later when he returned to campus. Surprisingly, they were okay with that (even though a projector’s a really expensive piece of equipment). We stayed at Eve’s house in DC, and her dad’s a big tech guy, so he was able to provide all the other stuff we needed.

3. Free rides and places to sleep
Last summer, when I booked a flight leaving out of DC, my friend and I had to take the bus. It was terrible – I mean, Greyhound isn’t bad, but the fact that we had a whole leg added to our trip before we got in the plane meant we were pretty tired when we got to Haiti. This time, our friend Max offered to drive us up (he was also the one who brought my projector back later), drop us off at Eve’s house, where we got a little sleep and I got my installations done, and drive us to the airport at 3:30 in the morning.

I’ve got a lot more to add (so many things to catch up on) so check back later to see how things are going.


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