FAQ about the Student Org

Kids Write is recruiting new members! Here’s some info about us.

What do you guys do?
We partner with schools in Haiti. At each school, we train teachers to use tablets and laptops in their classroom for students to read, write, and share books.

How did you get started?
Kids Write was started in 2015 by Sora Edwards-Thro and three other students at the College of William & Mary. They worked together to prepare a submission to the Big Ideas @ Berkeley competition, which gave them funds for their first project.

Why are you looking for new members now?
We want to reach more schools in Haiti and we need help.

What will the new members’ roles be?
We’re especially looking for people who can be responsible for the tech, business, marketing, and legal aspects of our work. It would be great if you had those skills already; it would also be great if you’re willing to learn. If you’re an all-around awesome person who’s willing to help keep us all organized even though you can’t work in those specific domains, we’ll also really appreciate that.

Do I have to travel to Haiti to participate?
No! We’re happy to let you come with us to Haiti if you want, but it’s absolutely not required. There’s a lot you can do for us right here in Williamsburg. Most tasks won’t require you to travel at all.

What am I committing to?
We ask most members to contribute two hours a week. Our proposal is due on March 9th, and our first trip to Haiti will be in June. We’ll need a lot of help before those two dates especially.

Any other questions we didn’t address here?
Email Sora at sledwardsthro [at] email.wm.edu

Ready to join us?
Fill out our survey!


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