About Us

“Rive” translates to “arrive, reach, or happen.” Our goal is to put the tools Haitian kids need to learn within their reach, enabling them to arrive at a level where they’ll be well-equipped to make things happen.

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The first, most visible piece of the project is the technology, consisting of 10 XO laptops, received through the Unleash Kids Contributor’s Program and the solar panels that charge them. The second, more important part is the local people we work with: the teachers we train and the students they inspire. Our ultimate goal is to be a community computer center – with community coming first.

The community we work in is called Ansapit (also spelled Anse-a-pitre and Anse-á-pitres), a border town with a population of more than 36,000 people. Over 15,000 of those people are teenagers or younger, but there are only 6,000 active students.

No, we didn’t give Ansapit 15,000 laptops, but this is the start of something. Thanks for being a part of it.

A big thanks to other organizations involved in supporting this project!


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