Does using technology for literacy activities lead to greater reading gains for students?

What value does guidance from a teacher add to after-school literacy classes?

First pilot: Teachers and students were divided into a laptop group and a paper group.  Both groups covered the same content and lessons.

Second pilot: Students were divided into a laptop group and a paper group, and a teacher group and a teacher-less group. The teacher-less group was supervised by a staff member. Students switched groups midway through the study.


  • Over 600 students
  • 18 teachers
  • Grades 1 -4
  • 3 schools
    • Private, religious
    • Private, community
    • Public, government
  • Rural market town

First Pilot

  • 15 students/ class
  • 2 hours 3 times / week
  • 6 weeks

Second pilot

  • 10 – 20 students / class
  • 1 hour every day
  • 16 weeks

Students gained an average of 12 correct words per minute. There was no significant difference between the laptop group and the paper group.